August Bachmann Uhren

August Bachmann  *1906  † 1964

For many centuries, German craftsmanship has been appreciated for merits like innovation, reliableness, and durability. The Bauhaus design paradigm which originated from Dessau in Germany imposed unprecedented influence on the idea of functional design world wide. It is not surprising that a German pioneer conceived one of the most essential inventions of Modern Times that would change our way of living forever. In 1504, Peter Henlein, a Franconian craftsman from the town of Nuremberg constructed the first portable watch. A new era had begun.

Like Peter Henlein, August Bachmann was a humble workingman and Franconian who served his home town as a cherished mayor over the course of two decades. In reverence for his life and work, August Bachmann’s descendants, looking back at a long family watch making tradition, have resumed manufacturing wrist watches paying more than tribute to their ancestor’s ideals of ambition and faithfulness. Each August Bachmann model is a timelessly beautiful masterpiece now and then, but already one of tomorrow’s favorite design classics.

There is no way August Bachmann would have approved a watch not measuring up to a hard worker’s everyday wear and tear, or not providing uncompromised legibility no matter what situation. So the family-held firm of today has made a point of working up to ancestor’s spirit, creating thoroughgoing time keepers not only made for Sunday but for every day use. Each watch from August Bachmann is a premium product made in Germany, up to par with all that it takes for daily work and leisure.

August Bachmann watches are characterized by a clear and straightforward type of design in the style of the German Bauhaus. Form follows function. Legibility and usability are paramount for the designing of August Bachmann models. The watches thus range within sizes well suitable for daily use, like 40 to 42 mm, and the constructors put emphasis on well-formed, unobtrusive case shapes which feel outmost comfortable when worn. Whichever August Bachmann model you chose, you are definitely investing in a fascinating masterpiece, rock-solid in form and function – a time keeper Made in Germany that will give you lasting pleasure for decades to come.